Brighton Soccer Camp
Brighton Soccer Camp Philosophy
Our camp is dedicated to teaching both individual and team skills. Dribbling, passing, trapping, heading, shooting and a host of other vital topics will be learned and improved upon while team skills and tactics are discussed, practiced and played in game-like situations, creative games and competitive contests.

Our camp is both challenging and rewarding and is designed with FUN as a major emphasis. The quality staff of over 60 of the area’s finest college and high school coaches, as well as semi-professional, college and high school players is all challenged to instill skill, confidence and pleasure into every camper’s style of play. Regardless of the level of play you enter the camp with, we will make sure you exit that much greater. Each skill group will provide and guarantee a coaching ratio of 1:6 coaches to campers.
"This summer's going to be "THE BEST EVER!"